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Cloud IT Solutions

Let us help you quickly set up IT solutions in the Cloud.

         Most large companies understand the capability and flexibility of operating in the cloud. The greatest advantage in using cloud based services is that it can scale to meet the needs of any company, no matter how large or small. This means that you don’t have to have the budget of an enterprise to gain the benefits of cloud computing. We can show you how to take advantage of these online services. Many companies find themselves paying one company for email hosting, another for DNS or website hosting and maybe a few more services. All that can end up costing you lots more.

          Sync IT partners with companies to help migrate their services such as DNS, email, website, database and server infrastructure to one single space. We work with companies to setup Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Office 365 and Azure accounts. You don’t have to pay us to host anything because we focus on partner administration. We help you develop your own cloud environment and then whenever you need assistance we are there to help you take advantage of the services available to you. Think of us like an on demand IT department.