Our first small biz survey

Our first small biz survey

April 11, 2018 survey 0

Why are we talking with small business owners?

          At Sync IT Online, we are constantly trying to understand our fellow small businesses so that we can provide them with the best services at the lowest possible rates. Our goal with this survey is to answer two key questions. The first is understand why some small business don't set up their own websites. Our preliminary research showed that a sizable portion of small businesses are not using websites for their business. In the Portland metro area there are just under 9,500 business in the construction industry. Of those 9,500 businesses 48% or roughly 4,500 don't currently own or use a website. One interesting point to note as well is that of that 48%, about 1,600 do use some form of social media. Data showed us that about 100 use LinkedIn only, 200 were using Twitter, 413 had Facebook pages and the biggest segment was Google+ with around 1,600 on that platform. This brought up a few questions and so we are setting out to find out more about this interesting trend to see if this extends to all areas of business.

          Our survey will be targeting businesses whose gross sales were just under $2.5 million dollars last fiscal year. The reason for this is that the bulk of companies that didn't have websites fell within that bracket. Our hypothesis is that these companies cannot afford to spend money on a website. Please feel free to fill out the survey on this page. The data will be collected anonymously, you do not have to provide any personal or professional information to take the survey. Please feel free to answer each question honestly. 

          Sync IT Online would like to thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey. The information you provide will be vital to understanding trends in the current market and help us develop services that can provide better quality to our clients.

Please fill out our survey as accurately as possible.