Quick Tech Tips – Update your computer

Quick Tech Tips – Update your computer

May 16, 2018 quick tech tips Uncategorized 0
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Why is Microsoft asking to update my computer so often?

Updates are an important part of maintaining any computer system. I have been working in Technical Support for several years now. One issue that continues to come up are computer updates. In my experience about 50% of issues are solved with updating and restarting the computer. If a program was working Friday but not Monday, try doing updates and a reboot. You’ll be surprised how often it works.

The Reason

Software developers are always fixing bugs or patching security issues. Microsoft has to also make sure they are providing a stable platform and fixing security problems also. These days there are many people who aim to find security problems and exploit them for their own gain. Below is a list from CNN of a few major hacks from 2017 where software fixes were needed.

  • WannaCry Virus
  • Bad Rabbit Virus
  • Equifax Security breach

It can be a pain to do updates constantly but it would be far worse to be a victim of such attacks. Microsoft has teams of people dedicated to making your computer as secure as they can make it. What I do for my clients is put all their computers on an automated schedule so that once a week each computer backs up, does it’s updates and then reboots. This is usually done late at night during a weekend. Once this process is in place they don’t really notice it anymore and they are all the happier for it.


tl;dr Do your updates and a reboot on a regular schedule.This will fix a lot of your issues.