Quick Tech Tips – Troubleshooting

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Quick Tech Tips – Troubleshooting

June 18, 2018 quick tech tips 0
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Troubleshooting is easy

You don’t need to be a professional IT guy to troubleshoot your computer issues. Microsoft is making it easier to be able to troubleshoot some of your most common issues and automatically resolve them. In most Windows operating systems you can troubleshoot most common computer problems by going to your Control Panel on your computer. In the search bar type “troubleshoot“. You will then see some options to select from to troubleshoot.

How to use the troubleshooter

Let’s say you are experiencing a printer issue where it seems like you just can’t print. The computer isn’t showing you any errors but nothing is printing. The first step to solving this is to open Control Panel, search for “troubleshoot” and then select on the printer troubleshooting option. Your computer will then attempt to identify and fix the issue with your printer. In many cases this won’t resolve the problem but it almost always tells you where the fault lies. It may say that your printer cannot be reached or that it is out of ink. In any case, this information can help you identify the root cause of the problem.

Microsoft is regularly adding to the troubleshooter in order to make your computer more easy to manage. As of Windows 10 the troubleshooter can help you with the following problems:

  • Program Compatibility – This option helps you run programs that were designed for older versions of Windows.
  • Hardware and Sound – These options can help you fix printers, set up a new device you just added or even help tweak your audio.
  • Network and Internet – If you can’t connect to the internet or a resource at work such as a file folder on another computer, use these to try to automatically repair the issue
  • System and Security – Hopefully you are doing your updates regularly. If you can’t get updates to work or you just want to speed up your computer a bit, the system and security options can help you.

If none of the choices apply or don’t resolve your issue, you will still have more information to go by. When you reach out to your IT team, you can provide them with more precise info and thus shorten your downtime.