5 tips to secure your website

5 tips to secure your website

October 19, 2018 Quick Web Tips 0

Keep your WordPress website up to date

Your WordPress website uses software that needs to be updated just like your computer. Hackers can exploit old and outdated plugins to access websites. You also need to make sure that your plugins areĀ being updated by the developer. Consider finding newer alternatives to replace them if they are not being updated. You should also remove any old plugins from your website as they may still be accessible.

Use Strong Passwords

People are not that original and so you need to choose passwords that are more complex and thus harder to guess. If you're like me, then you have a lot of passwords to remember. It also becomes harder to keep track of those passwords the more complex you make them. Its always recommended to use a password keeper program. A password keeper can securely retain your passwords for you so you only need to remember that one password.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Use some method of Multi-Factor authentication whenever possible. This makes your login credentials even harder to compromise. There are 3 common methods of authentication to be aware of. You must use at least 2 different methods in order to properly secure your accounts. The first method is 'Something you know'. This method is commonly used with a password. The second method is 'Something you are'. This method is characterized by bio-metrics i.e. face recognition or fingerprint scanner. The last method is 'Something you have'. You can think of this as a card that can be scanned but there are other ways as well.

There is a fourth method but it is far less common and has a few issues with it. This method is "Something you do" and refers to trying to identify someone by the way they do something. It has not yet proven to be effective as an authentication method and so it should be avoided.

Use Antivirus Software

This may seem obvious but not every web server has malware detection software on it. If you are using a hosting service, ask them if they use any such software on their servers. If you are administering the server, put Antivirus Software on it. This step can quickly detect and resolve virus related issues on your back end.

Backup Your Website

This step is an important safeguard against disaster. No system keeps you safe 100% of the time. The next best option is to have a process in place to recover your site in case it gets compromised. There are plenty of plugins and services that can do this for you.

These 5 steps can provide you with a good base level of security and keep your website online where it can make you money. If you are interested in learning more about how Sync IT Online can protect your website from disaster you can fill out the below form and we'll get back to you.

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