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We offer a variety of services to our clients including


Sync IT Online helps our customers build cloud based computing solutions that can be quickly implemented and scaled to meet demand. This way you don't have to buy and maintain a whole room full of  your servers. With cloud based IT solutions, you can simplify your IT and keep your costs low. Sync IT Online specializes in Amazon Web Services, Azure and Office 365 implementations to meet our clients needs with scalable and affordable computing solutions.

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Sync IT Online can help small and midsize companies develop new websites that fit their needs and it won't cost an arm and a leg. We can also help you develop mobile apps so that you or your customers can continue to work anywhere. We specialize WordPress web development and Android app development. Our skilled developers can also provide more customized static web solutions and are working on our iOS app development.

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Sync IT Online provides remote technical support for our clients. With remote support you can get help with your devices anywhere you are. We don't just work remotely though. Sync IT Online can also come to your businesses location and assist you with your IT needs. Plans and pricing vary from customer to customer. Please call or email us to receive a quote for our work.

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IT Security is not only important, it's an essential part of preparing your business for the long term. With the mass adoption of IT by nearly all businesses both large and small, a new reach was given to criminals. Someone in a disparate part of the world can now reach and disrupt your business for their own personal game. We now all swim in a very big ocean and there are a lot predators out looking for an easy meal. Don't be a small fish with no defense out there. Sync IT Online can help you and your small business prepare for an attack and keep you up and running.

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Sometimes you don't want to or need to go through the lengthy process of setting up servers and software for your needs. Sync IT Online has you covered. We offer several Hosted solutions for your needs. One such hosted solution is having Sync IT Online host your website or other business software.

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Sync IT Online can be your website and email host. If you are looking for a business that can take care of your site and email Sync IT Online can be your new home. We take Security very seriously and do everything we can to secure you.

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